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Indianapolis Website Design – Cool Tools:

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on July 30, 2010

From time to time we at Online Architecture will share “Cool Tools” that can help improve productivity or just aid in simplifying your online experience. Today’s tool is ( a website that takes the hassle out of sending web links to others while providing meaningful statistics.

Have you ever tried to send a friend or colleague a long url for an interesting story you read online, only to find out they could not open it because the link didn’t translate on their end? Have you received an email and experienced the same? Using you can take that long url, shorten it, and share it with others. Let’s see it in action.

Here is the link to a CNN story titled “Rise of the renting class”.

Using, here is the same link to the story, only much shorter.

The link is considerably shorter, making it easier to use anywhere you choose. It is particularly ideal for Facebook and Twitter posts, where space comes at a premium.

But doesn’t just shorten links, with a free account it also offers users a chance to archive all links you create and mine valuable data. You can track how many times a link that you have distributed is clicked, as well as when links are used in Twitter, and whether Facebook users “like” a link. Even more valuable, links generated in are unique, and they never expire.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to send long urls, or your desire is to better track how effective your communications efforts may be, is a valuable, and cool, tool.

Indianapolis web design – How to register your unique web address*

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on July 9, 2010

In a recent Tech Tip we talked about suggestions for creating a unique web address like  But once you have settled on a domain name, how do you obtain it? Here are the steps you need to follow:

First, make sure someone hasn’t already beaten you to it. To find out, check the domain with a Whois registry (as in, “who is” that domain registered to). We at Online Architecture use GoDaddy (, where you can perform a quick search right from their home page. Simply type the desired web address into the box that says “Start Your Domain Search Here.” If the domain name has been registered it will provide you the registrant information. If the domain name is not registered you will receive a message that the domain is available for purchase.

Once you’ve confirmed your web address is available, you need to register it. If you’re on the GoDaddy website, add your domain name to the shopping cart and click “Continue Registration.” GoDaddy will walk you through the purchase process. One word of caution; pay attention to the buttons you are clicking through the registration process. Our one complaint about GoDaddy is that they throw a lot of ads at you to purchase hosting, website templates and other add-ons to increase the sale at checkout. Skip all of those for now.

Also, make sure you enter a valid email address that you know you will have for a long time. Registrars communicate with customers exclusively through email, so when it’s time to renew your domain you’ll receive only an electronic notification. We’ve assisted a number of clients who awoke one morning to a non-functioning website because their domain expired as a result of notifications going to an old email account.

Once you’ve completed the process you will be the proud owner of your own web address. The next step is to link to your LeadStreet website. Log into the Site Builder portion of Lead Street for instructions on how to do that, or stay tuned for a future Tech Tip on this topic.

If you need help getting your website up and running, call Valerie at Online Architecture at 317-253-2900 x110

*  Domain name, web address and URL all mean the same thing.