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Indianapolis Web Design – Google Docs: Pushing the Envelope of Innovation

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on January 11, 2011

With our first Tech Tip of the New Year we thought it was appropriate to cover a service that many find helpful in day-to-day business. If you’ve ever collaborated with a group, you know the importance of sharing information. With Google Docs, you can create an account, upload files and share them with several others.

What makes this great is that you can revise documents without worrying that someone else in the group didn’t receive the updates. Even more importantly, the resources are centrally-located and accessible from anywhere, giving you the ability to quickly sign in through any web browser and add a last minute correction. It saves you the hassle of waiting until you get back to your home or the office.

And just in case you were wondering what all you can do using Google Docs, below is a link to a presentation made by some savvy and innovative users. These individuals were able to tap into Google Docs and harness the power!