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Twitter #hashtags

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on August 1, 2011

If you’re a Twitter user, and even if you are not, you’ve probably noticed the increased frequency in which hashtags are being used everywhere. Placing the hashtag (#) in front of a word within your tweet is a way of categorizing that word. In turn, it makes it easier to search for the word in other tweets everywhere. In turn, as a word is tagged with increased frequency, it can actually become a trending topic. For instance, #HappyFathersDay and #BestDad were some of the top trending topics during the month of June.

The television networks have jumped into the hashtag game with both feet. The object is to create hashtags that allow fans to interact and talk about their favorite programs. Take for instance, some of these examples: #Glee, #AmericanIdol, #todayshow, #HistoryChannel, #SwampPeople, #HGTV. There are scores more, but you get the idea. Madison Avenue is also catching on to the idea of using hashtags. With increasing frequency, hashtags are showing up in commercials and print advertising.

Interested in viewing tweets on a certain topic? Visit and search. For instance, search on #realestate and see what you find. What about #shortsale or #realtor or #remaxnews?  You can also check out how other real-estate related companies are using Twitter, for example #zillow or #realtordotcom.

Now it’s your turn. Give hashtags a try. Tweet about a favorite topic or something fun, and don’t forget to add a hashtag in your posts. If you’re an Indianapolis Colts fan (and who isn’t?), support the team during the 2011-2012 season using the #GoColts hashtag. Or, find a hashtag that interests you and use it in your next tweet and follow along!