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Getting started with Google+

Posted in: Uncategorized by admin on September 20, 2011

Facebook may be the world’s largest social network, but there are always new concepts being developed to challenge the king of the hill. In the last several months Google+ has emerged as the newest rival, with the search engine giant developing a social media product of its own that is picking up momentum.   The reviews to date have been largely positive, and Google+ has some features that make it a likely competitor to Facebook, and useful to the real estate industry.

Facebook users are accustomed to friend requests, liking others’ posts and posting content on walls, be it your own or the wall of a friend or family member. Google+ functions in much the same manner. In Google+, everything is based on “Circles” used to manage your contacts. You can create a circle for friends, business associates or family. It’s up to you how you choose to group them.

Google+ also helps you get the latest information on items of interest using the “Sparks” function. Create a topic, like real estate, as a spark and Google+ will deliver content for you to review at your convenience. Sparks can offer interesting articles, video, photos, etc., serving them up for you to peruse with a few mouse clicks.

Instant upload is another feature that Realtors will find useful.  You can use this to take a picture for a buyer and seller and instantly upload for viewing.  And Circles could let a buyer group everyone involved in a real estate purchase into one place for easy access.

Interested in chatting online with friends and family? Google+ offers “Hangouts” for your use. The hangouts feature is, in essence, a video chat that you can use to connect to others (up to 10 at a time) within your circle. Want to catch up with that colleague half a world away? It can be done. You can even access a Hangout via your Android smartphone. If you are a little intimidated by new technology, don’t worry, technology website Mashable offers up a handy article that includes 10 hints for new users.

Google+ had been “by invitation only” until last week, when the social network officially opened to the public. Now no invitation is needed to join. To learn more about the Google+ project, visit and get started today. Take Google+ with you using Android and iPhone apps.

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