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Monument Circle Downtown Indianapolis

Online Architecture is a WBE certified website development company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have offered website programming and design services for the last 10 years, with 100 percent of our business coming via word of mouth.  While some of our clients are local, most are located around the country, and we pride ourselves at working efficiently and effectively in a virtual environment.

No one beats us at conceptualizing and building sites that require a robust, customized solution. No cookie cutters here. We have a deep capacity to develop creative solutions that exactly meet YOUR needs. In other words, we don’t just follow pre-made templates or give you service from a box. We seek innovative ways to ensure that our clients are getting the most dynamic and useful tool possible. Sometimes that means developing a custom solution; other times it requires identifying an existing service or software solution that meets your needs. Yet still, there are times when a blend of the two is necessary.

We excel at this as a result of our emphasis on planning and strategy. We make every effort to thoroughly understand your needs and identify the right solution before we write one line of code.  We ask a lot of questions of our clients, because we’ve found that mind reading doesn’t work. We need to  fully understand your goals and objectives, not just today, but next year and five years down the road, and only then can we determine the best solution for your particular need.

Another core competency is our ability to work with diverse groups collaborating together on a web-based project or campaign. We are consensus builders adept at finding common ground among vastly differing viewpoints.  We come to this work as Internet strategists. It’s rare when an organization knows exactly what it wants out of a website at the start. We have experience in asking the questions that cut through the minutiae and address the the project at its core. We spearhead the discussions that need to happen, and work to marry the different, and sometimes competing, interests of various stakeholders until a clear vision and game plan are formed. Then the real fun begins as we transform the concept into a fully-functional web presence.