How to Make Your Washing Machine Tweet (and why that’s a good idea)

Posted in: Blog, News by admin on July 20, 2015

How to Make a Washing Machine Tweet
(and why that’s a good thing)

Twine lets you connect things to the internet, allowing it to send messages.  Let’s say your basement floods and you’re on vacation, with Twine you would be notified immediately before the damage is too great.  Or you could be notified that your laundry is done, when your garage door is opened, when a package is left by the front door, where your pet is.  The possibilities are endless.

Twine works through the use of sensors for temperature and vibration, a magnetic switch and a moisture sensor. It can be used anywhere there is Wi-Fi, and is programmed through the internet.

Units are scheduled to start shipping in March with a price tag of $99.

Twine will let you and your clients connect things to the internet, and you won’t need a degree from MIT or a pocket protector to do so.

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