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Select Registry

The Client: Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of North America

Project Description: Select Registry is an association of 400-plus high-end bed & breakfast inns and small hotels across the United States and Canada. When Onlne Architecture first began work on the Select Registry website in late 2001, the project was based in Classic ASP. One of the first changes was to rebuild the site from the ground up using .NET technology as the foundation and providing a fresh new look to the presence.

From there, Online Architecture worked with Select Registry to develop a fully-functional administrative area where members could update content and take advantage of new features, including photo gallery upload and monthly statistics, all delivered via the web. An advanced search engine was also developed for the site, allowing for better, more meaningful results for users searching the Select Registry property listings.

Throughout the relationship, Online Architecture and Select Registry have worked to improve not only the website, but other aspects of the association. Those improvements include moving away from a staff-based gift certificate sales process based in Access to one that is centralized. Now, gift certificate purchases are mostly handled through the website, with processing, tracking, printing and shipping performed via the web using a centralized system that can be utilized from the office or off site.

Each year, Select Registry prints a guidebook featuring all member properties which is distributed to guests and sold on the website. Prior to Online Architecture’s involvement, each member updated their profile in the book via fax or snail mail, requiring months to complete the process prior to printing.

Working with Select Registry and the contracted printer, a web-based system was created where members could sign in, update content, review pdf proofs and sign off on changes quickly and easily. The process saved significant time and resources, allowing the editing and proofing to be completed in a matter of weeks.

Technology Featured:

  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • SQL Server
  • Flash
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Lightbox
  • Javascript
  • API
  • Google APIs
  • Custom shopping cart
  • Custom sales reports
  • Paypal integration
  • Third-party email marketing service
  • Third-party reservation services
  • Language translator
  • SSL Certificate