Sycamore School – Private School Web Design

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sycamore school

The Client: Sycamore School

Project Description: Sycamore School is a private institution for academically gifted children located in Indianapolis, Ind. With Online Architecture’s assistance, the Sycamore website was transformed to exhibit the same excellence the school instills in its students. Over a period of several years, Online Architecture and Sycamore School have collaborated to transform the site from one of static html pages to a dynamic platform that meets the needs of several audiences.

The public site features a wealth of information to users interested in learning more about Sycamore School, including current news and events, useful resources, and an explanation of the curriculum for preschoolers through eighth grade. In turn, the site also offers a portal for parents, students and Sycamore faculty and staff. Known as the “Insider,” the portal hosts myriad resources for each of the three audiences.

Faculty and staff have the ability to add several forms of content, including events calendar entries, class assignments and schedules and important administrative items, such as registration forms and notices. Each instructor has the capacity to add and edit content within their respective pages.

Parents and students can access important content within the Insider including homework schedules and contact information for instructors. They can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts when new content is added in designated categories.

Online Architecture also worked with Sycamore School to create registration forms for specific events, as well as a donation section on the site that includes a corresponding web-based system used to track all online donations. Finally, an alumni survey was also created for Sycamore utilizing a third-party provider.

Technology Featured:

  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • SQL Server
  • Flash
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • Lightbox
  • Javascript
  • Asynchronous uploads
  • Outlook sync feature
  • Third-party survey software
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Certificate