The Elephant in the Room is only Five Inches Tall

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on May 20, 2011

A lot of emphasis has been placed on optimizing web presence and getting the most out of your website. But the elephant in the room is mobile technology and its impact. With each passing month, mobile’s influence continues to increase, and incorporating mobile as part of your philosophy is essential.

InMobi, a mobile advertising network started in 2007, recently released a report that says the network served up 18.7 billion mobile advertising impressions in the second quarter of 2011. Of those 18.7 billion impressions, 78 percent were served up on smartphones. By comparison, the first quarter of 2011 produced 8.9 billion impressions, an increase of 40 percent. In the smartphone sector, total impressions increased a whopping 65 percent.

These statistics signal that the smartphone market continues to grow, and consumers are relying on their mobile devices more and more each day. To frame it in terms of real estate, and focusing specifically on Indiana, there is some interesting data available that may open some eyes. released data on Android and iPhone usage for the first two weeks of April. According to statistics offered, Indianapolis (yes, Indianapolis) ranked third in total mobile house hunting usage via their online listings. The Circle City finished behind only Chicago and New York, while ranking ahead of Atlanta and Dallas. What does that say about the Crossroads of America? Perhaps Indiana is more smartphone/mobile savvy than expected.

All the more reason to include mobile as part of your strategy.