You Need to Delete Your Facebook Page Right Now

Posted in: Blog, Tech Tips by admin on November 7, 2011

We’ve talked many times in this column about the importance of a Facebook page.  But in the same way that a great Facebook page can help you market your brand and boost your visibility, an old Facebook page can send the opposite message.  How many times have you gone to a website only to find content dated from 2006, or worse, one of those dreaded under construction signs?   Do you go back to those sites?  Probably not.

It’s the same with Facebook.  Pages with few or no posts will result in a revolving door of one time visits.  So if you started your page with great intentions but your enthusiasm waned, you need to know two things.   First, kudos to you for taking that first step to set up a Facebook account.   Second, if your last post was over a month ago, you should take steps now to preserve your brand.  Here are your options:

  1. Start posting again.
  2. Make your wall viewable only to you.  To change your settings, click the arrow in the upper right hand corner, select Privacy Settings, then click the Custom box and select Only Me.
  3. Delete your page.  This is drastic but completely acceptable if you’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook just isn’t for you.   To delete your page, click Edit in the upper right hand corner of your page, then Manage Permissions, then Delete.
  4. Unpublish your page.  Unpublishing means that the page still exists, but can’t be viewed.  If you’re not committed to posting right now, go ahead and unpublish your page.  You can do that by clicking the Edit Page button at the very top, then clicking Unpublish Page.

It only takes a few minutes to preserve your brand by removing or hiding an old Facebook page.  It takes much longer to undo the perception left behind by a page with old or no posts.

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